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Liberty Stars at The Terrace at Brightmore! Huge congratulations!

December 28, 2023

Shining bright like Liberty Stars at The Terrace at Brightmore! Huge congratulations to Allison, Sunny, and Jessica for their outstanding achievements. Your dedication and hard work truly make our community shine! #LibertyStars  #CelebratingSuccess  #TeamAchievement 

December Door Decorations Holiday Cheer!

December 24, 2023

Decking the halls and spreading holiday cheer! Our Independent Living residents showcased their festive spirit by decorating their apartment doors this December. After a spirited vote, we’re excited to announce Carole Lash as the winner! Congratulations, Carole, for your festive creativity that brightened up our community! #HolidayDecorations  #FestiveSpirit  #CommunityJoy 

The Cutest Christmas Carolers!

The cutest Christmas carolers paid a visit to our assisted living residents! They came prepped and ready to spread some holiday cheer with handmade cards and homemade cookies. #TheTerrace  #AssistedLiving  #MemorySupport 

Holiday Sweater Day!

December 23, 2023

Bringing the festive vibes to a whole new level! Our Independent Living residents rocked their most fun holiday sweaters in honor of Holiday Sweater Day last week, spreading joy and holiday cheer throughout our community. #HolidaySweaterDay  #FestiveFashion  #SpreadTheCheer 

Trivia Triumph by ‘Clue Crew’

Trivia Triumph! Independent Living residents embraced the challenge, and our ‘Clue Crew’ emerged victorious this week. Hats off to Evelyn, Eloise, Joan, Barbara & Ann for their brilliant minds and teamwork! #TriviaTuesday  #BrainyBunch 

Brightmore Gentlemen Festive Happy Hour

December 22, 2023

The holiday spirit is alive on our 4th floor! Our Brightmore gentlemen gathered for a festive happy hour, spreading joy and holiday cheer all around! Cheers to the merry moments and the wonderful men of Brightmore! #HolidayCheers  #BrightmoreCelebration  #FestiveGents 

Some Much Needed Kitty Therapy!

December 21, 2023

Enjoy this joyful moment of some much needed kitty therapy at The Terrace today! There is no circumstance that this is not heart warming.

Announcing Latonya Murphy | 2023 Employee of the Year!

December 20, 2023

Championing excellence every day! We are delighted to announce Latonya Murphy as our 2023 Employee of the Year! Her unwavering dedication and exceptional commitment, recognized through her Employee of the Month achievements, truly make her stand out. Congratulations, Latonya, on this well-deserved honor! #EmployeeOfTheYear  #Dedication  #TeamExcellence 

Diane Heald as Independent Living 2023 Employee of the Year!

December 19, 2023

Cheers to excellence and dedication! We’re thrilled to announce Diane Heald as our Independent Living 2023 Employee of the Year! Her exceptional commitment and outstanding contributions, recognized throughout the year as an Employee of the Month, have truly set her apart. Congratulations, Diane, on this well-deserved honor! #EmployeeOfTheYear  #Dedication  #TeamExcellence 

Celebrating Excellence in Safety!

December 18, 2023

Ramona Howell shines as our 2023 Safety Employee of the Year! Her dedication to ensuring the well-being of our community has been outstanding, and her role as December’s safety champion truly solidified her as a deserving recipient. Congratulations, Ramona, for making our community a safer and better place! #SafetyChampion  #EmployeeOfTheYear  #CommunitySafety 

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