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Great Senior Living Community with outstanding amenities and dedicated staff!


This is a wonderful place. My in-laws have been so happy here. I would highly recommend it!


This place is the best..... We had a huge decision to make about our parents and their care and we were SO pleased we found Brightmore of South Charlotte... The staff really seems to care, and we love that Brightmore offers the full circle of life services, from Apartment Living to Assisted Living, to Memory Care to Full Nursing... They have a ton of activities for all the residents to do, and guess what the food is GREAT... That does not happen in any of the other places we found... So do not hesitate when considering this place, as our parents are thrilled with it, and we are as well.


It is beautiful at the Terrace! The staff is amazing and they take great care of the residents. I work as a Senior Aide for one of the residents and I visit her a few days a week. I honestly think she is aging backwards since she moved there. She loves her tight-knit group of friends and looks forward to all the daily activities, concerts, outings, card games and more. Her apartment is impeccable and gorgeous! They do all her laundry and she enjoys three delicious meals a day and snacks served by super friendly staff they all love, like Nate who keeps them laughing at mealtime. The CNA's have been perfect at managing her meds and her health has markedly improved since she moved in!


My mother has been a resident at the Terrace since May 2017. The staff was great at helping with her transition from living at her home to assisted living, which was emotionally difficult for mom. During our time with the facility, the staff has been careful to communicate concerns to me quickly, and they have been great at responding to me when I need them or have questions about mom's care. I highly recommend the Terrace at Brightmore!


The Terrace staff were extremely caring and concerned that our mother was receiving the best care. They made the transition from independent living to assisted living very easy for her. She had a wonderful experience there and we were very grateful for the dedication shown by everyone and the commitment to meeting our mother's individual needs.


All the staff at The Terrace treat my mother with love, from the director, to the med-techs, to the kitchen staff and the maintenance team. They make her smile, they treat her with respect, and they are very careful to make sure that she is getting the care that she needs. Julie, the director and Sunny, the Resident Care Coordinator have been a huge help to me in navigating mom's healthcare issues. It is such a relief to know that she is in a place where she is happy and well cared for!


My mother and step dad originally moved into the independent living area of Brightmore of South Charlotte. As time went by, mother needed the services of the memory care unit at The Terrace. I was always pleased with her care there. The Administrator always was up to speed on all issues and needs of my mother. I never had a question of the care givers that they did not know the answer immediately or found the information for me in her chart immediately. The Terrace was clean, friendly, and they were always on top of the needs of their residents


Was a wonderful place for my mother. Her nutrition was improved. Her medications were monitored and adjusted. Several undiagnosed conditions were uncovered. The result of her care was increased physical and mental health. I would recommend this facility and it’s caring staff. Excellent communication


Dear Tracey, Shortly after I arrived at Brightmore I realized that you have devoted your time to the safety and wellbeing of the residents here at Brightmore. Your update letters are always one important item that I read. I know you do all you can to keep us safe. I appreciate all you do for us.


Tracey, Just a note to let you know how much you are respected and loved by all here.

Patti, Cheryle, Susan

Brightmore staff, You are appreciated more than you know! Thank you for keeping all the residents safe!


Tracey, I want to thank you and the entire Brightmore staff for their part in keeping us safe. It isn’t too shabby that I can have groceries delivered. I sure could get used to this! We are lucky to visit with friends and our Brightmore family. Thank you—I can’t imagine anywhere I would rather be than here at Brightmore


To my Brightmore family, Thanks so much for being a real family. All of you have worked so hard to make us feel more relaxed and at home.

Carol and Cecilia

Dear Tracey, We would like to thank you for all you are doing for the residents of Brightmore. Every time I speak to Mom she says “I am so glad to be here, they take such good care of us.” Knowing she is safe and happy makes us thankful she found Brightmore! All your hard work and diligence has kept everyone safe and healthy. We just wanted you to know how thankful we are for you and the staff of Brightmore.


Dear Tracey and the Brightmore staff, Thank you for the lovely rose for Mother’s Day. It was so thoughtful to make our day happy with a bit of outside brightness. You and your staff have been excellent caretakers of our community.


Thanks again to all of you for all you do to keep the Brightmore residents safe from COVID-19. Many residents are blessed living here by having the ability to stay home and stay safe. We do not have to leave the building to get what we need. Thank you!


Dear Front Desk & Office Staff, Thank you for all you do routinely & all the extra care you have been doing to care for all residents at Brightmore! You are all my mom’s bright highlight of many of her days during this period. You all are appreciated & respected for the patience and warmth you show to the seniors at your community. I admire the personal sacrifice the employees have made to keep everyone there as safe as possible.

Pat M.

I am happy to give Tracey and her Brightmore Team a Five Star Reward. They work hard and are always pleasant and helpful.

Ila J.

This is a wonderful place. The staff is very caring and dedicated to the care of all the residents. We feel very blessed to have our mother at The Terrace.

David P.

As an outside vendor I’ve been partnering with Brightmore for more than four years. The facility is always in immaculate condition, the administrative staff is friendly and first-rate, and the residents always seem happy and social. I would highly recommend Brightmore of S. Charlotte to anyone interested in a top-notch retirement community!

Debbie M.

I teach chair yoga in the memory care area. Everyone is well attended to and cared for gently. I love all the Seniors. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Latasha W.

Brightmore is a wonderful place to work. I've been here for almost 8 years

Bridget D.

My mother and I were both a little nervous about the transition. Everyone we have met, whether a staff member or a resident, has been so friendly and welcoming! I can’t say enough good things about Brightmore . It has been such a gift for our family.

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