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Optimizing Brain Fitness at Brightmore

July 27, 2018

Nothing keeps you younger than continuing to learn. That’s why Educational series tend to be among the most popular activities on our active social calendar at Brightmore of South Charlotte.

Our residents are currently wrapping up the class, Optimizing Brain Fitness from The Great Courses. They have thoroughly enjoyed learning about memory, creativity, and focus through this 12-part lecture series. At Brightmore, we have presented multiple lecture series in a variety of subjects including Meteorology, Astronomy, Architecture, and Brain Health. It is fascinating to learn about a wide array of subjects from the top professionals in their field. Each series is taught by award winning teachers, scientists, and physicians.

Not only do Brightmore residents get the chance to engage in college level courses, but they get to do so in the company of their neighbors! It’s typical to find many of our residents discussing what they learned from a lecture series over a cup of coffee in the Brightmore marketplace. This is just one of the many things that enriches our Brightmore community!

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